Our store on the Westermarkt in Tilburg

Welcome to our store in the covered shopping center Westermarkt in Tilburg (free parking!), The place where you will find the most diverse range of second -hand designer clothing and vintage men's clothing, shoes and accessories. Our range is so extensive that we have something for everyone. Ecogents is unique in the Netherlands because of our specialization in second -hand men's clothing.

In addition to our store, we also have A webshop Where you can view our range online and easily order.

From size XS to 4XL, everyone can come to us for a new acquisition for his wardrobe. Our store offers the possibility to find unique vintage styles and to score affordable designer clothing. Our employees are ready to help and advise you so that you can put together the perfect outfit.

Whether you are looking for a shirt, jeans, shirt, tie, jacket, cap, jacket, sweater, costume, vest, polo, waistcoat, hoodie, shoe, suspenders or something else, we all have it at home. Come and visit our store and discover the treasures that we have collected for you.

Be surprised by our extensive range and enjoy a personal shopping experience. With us you will find quality, originality and affordable prices. At our store it's all about finding the perfect clothing for you. At Ecogents we are Passionate about sustainability and contribute to a circular economy by giving second -hand clothing a new life. This allows us to offer unique and high -quality items for a fraction of the price of new clothing.

No time to come for a long time in our shop on the Westermarkt in Tilburg? Then take a look at the webshop. We also offer a large part of our range online here.Very useful if you want to see what we sell, but also very handy of course if you live a little further away and want to order your clothes online and have it delivered to your home.

Ecogents stands for quality second -hand designer clothing and vintage men's clothing

Choosing second -hand men's clothing or vintage clothing becomes a bit easier in this case. Know that we cannot offer all our products online, because often the course of the clothing just goes too fast to keep it all up. That is why a visit to our store still pays off.

At Ecogents we stand for quality. It is therefore important to know that all clothing we receive is carefully checked before it is sold. In this way each item of clothing is checked for wear, stains and holes. After that careful check-up, the clothing is washed and ironed. By the time it ends up in the store, it looks as good as new again. In this way you hardly see that you opt for second -hand clothing.

Ecogents has a huge collection of beautiful second -hand men's clothing andaccessories 

Our collection has been compiled with great care and is supplemented almost daily with new items. We have a wide range of different styles, from classic and timeless pieces to more trendy and modern items. This way everyone can come to us, whether you are looking for an outfit for the office, a special occasion or just a casual day out.

The store has a warm and inviting atmosphere, in which you can sniff around the clothes racks. Our employees are there to help and advise you, but will also give you plenty of room to go shopping at your leisure. We understand that finding the perfect items of clothing takes time, and that is why we offer a personal and relaxed shopping experience.

We strive for the highest quality in our products and service, and are therefore always looking for ways to improve our store and renew our offer. At Ecogents you will not only find second -hand clothing, but also a wide selection of accessories, shoes and other items to complete your outfit.

Why choose 2nd hand men's clothing?

But why would you consciously opt for 2nd hand or vintage clothing that has already had an earlier owner? Know that with second -hand purchases you not only sponsor your own wallet, but also make a huge contribution to improving the environment.

With us, designer clothing is cheaper than in other regular clothing stores and yet in great condition and of good quality, so that you can enjoy your new item of clothing for a long time.

In short, we are the place where you should be if you are looking for the most diverse collection of second -hand designer clothing and vintage men's clothing, shoes and accessories. Come visit Tilburg or check the Online store And discover the treasures that we have collected for you!