All clothing has been carefully checked and neatly washed

Our store in Tilburg

Our store, which can be found in the indoor shopping center on Westermarkt 14 in Tilburg (free parking), specializes in selling second-hand designers and vintage men's clothing. In addition to our store, we also have A webshop Where you can view our assortment online and simply order.

Instead of used clothing, we prefer to use the term two-year clothing. With us you buy high-quality clothing from many beautiful clothing brands for men. We check everything on holes, stains or wear. The clothing is then tidy and ironed. This gives good clothes a second chance. Better for the environment and your wallet.

We therefore have an extensive range, both in our store and online, for example, used and vintage shirts, shirts, polos, trousers, jackets, jackets, costumes, shoes and much more. All clothing and shoes are from various major brands that are now housed together in our store. The assortment differs from time to time.

Therefore, just walk in to see if there is something nice in front of you.

No time to come for a long time in our store premises at the Westermarkt in Tilburg? Then take a look at the webshop† Here we also offer a large part of our assortment online.Very handy if you want to view what we sell, but also very handy of course if you live a little further away and order your clothes online and have it delivered home.

Ecogenents stands for quality second-hand designer clothing and vintage men's clothing

Choosing second chance Men's clothing or vintage clothing becomes a bit easier in this case. Know that we cannot offer all our products online, because often the course of clothing is just too fast to keep it all. That is why a visit to our store is still paying.

We stand for quality at Ecogenents. It is therefore important to know that all clothing that we receive carefully is checked before it is sold. In this way every item of clothing is checked for wear, stains and holes. After that careful check-up, the clothing is washed and ironed. By the time it ends up in the store, it looks as good as new again. In this way you hardly see that you choose second hand clothes.

Why choose 2nd hand men's clothing?

But why would you consciously choose 2nd hand or vintage clothing that has already had an earlier owner? Know that with a second-hand purchases you not only sponsor your own wallet, but also makes a huge contribution to improving the environment.

Designer clothing is cheaper with us than in other regular clothing stores and yet in a great state and of good quality, so you can enjoy your new iticry for a long time.

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All clothing has been checked, washed and reckoned

We carefully check all clothes on stains, holes or wear. Then everything is tidy and ironed.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, all clothing is in good condition.

2nd hand clothing for a better world

Give good clothes a 2nd chance! Shop your clothes sustainably and stop the waste of quality and beautiful men's clothing.

Better for the environment and better for your wallet! 🌳💶

Why buy 2nd hand clothing from us?