Collection: Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is a unique product that is only produced on Scotland's Outer Hebrides Islands. It is a fabric made of sheep wool that is hand -woven by local weavers. The wool is painted and textured with natural ingredients such as plants and minerals, making each piece unique and has a beautiful, natural look.

Harris Tweed is particularly popular as fabric for jackets, overray and scarves, because of its durability and heat-insulating properties. The production of Harris Tweed is a labor -intensive process. The wool is collected from Scottish sheep, crops, painted and hand -woven by local weavers. Each piece is then checked for quality and appropriate label, after which it is ready for sale.

The popularity of Harris Tweed has increased again in recent years. This is partly because more and more people see the value of sustainable and ethically responsible products. Harris Tweed is a really honest product with a rich history and culture.

Note: InOur store in Tilburg Do we always have a lot more clothing from Harris Tweed in stock than we can put online in the webshop. So if you have the chance to come to the store, definitely do it!