All clothing has been carefully checked and neatly washed

Hand in / donate clothing

At the moment we can go through all Corona Lockdowns and the fact that everyone has bought much less clothing in the last 2 years, unfortunately no clothes purchased from private individuals. We are happy that we have never survived this tough period with forced closures as when just starting shop narrowly, but at the moment unfortunately do not have the financial resources to buy in.

Handling clothing at Ecogenents TilburgOf course you can of course simply donate and hand in your used clothing, shoes and accessories. We give all items of clothing a nice new life, so we can use all kinds of clothing or shoes.

You know for sure that the clothing comes to us well and it is really used once again instead of being thrown away, grinding to make insulation material or cleaning cloths or end up on a clothing mountain in Chile.

Eternal sin from still excellent useful clothing!

All clothing and shoes receive a second life with us

It just needs to be expensive designer clothing or clothing that is now in fashion. Even for small defects clothing, we can still find a new owner.

All clothing is treated well with us and gets a place in the store so that your garment still gets a very nice 2nd life.

Better for the environment and you also help people who might not be able to pay a nice or separate garment otherwise or choose people who are very consciously to reuse still good clothing.

Handing in / donate clothing at Ecogenents

You can always get your clothes during Our opening times Deliver in our store on the Westermark 14 in Tilburg.

We can also always pick up the clothing in the Tilburg area (with larger quantities is also outside the region), you can make an appointment for this by calling us or whatsapp on: 06-15545497 or contact us via The contact page.

If you live further away and want to send the clothing to us, this is also possible of course. We can create a return label for this so that we take the shipping costs for our account and also your clothing goes well without extra costs for you. Contact us for this.

Thanks in advance on behalf of us and our customers!

Amy & Fred 

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All clothing has been checked, washed and reckoned

We carefully check all clothes on stains, holes or wear. Then everything is tidy and ironed.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, all clothing is in good condition.

2nd hand clothing for a better world

Give good clothes a 2nd chance! Shop your clothes sustainably and stop the waste of quality and beautiful men's clothing.

Better for the environment and better for your wallet! 🌳💶

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