Ecogenents and the Lockdown

Now that the store is unfortunately closed again by the Lockdown, we still have a number of promotions and services so that you can still order from us during this period:

  • 20% DISCOUNT : During the forced closure by the Lockdown of the store we give a 20% discount on all items in the webshop for everyone. Whether you have it delivered, the order will pick up in the store or chooses free local delivery!
  • Click & Collect : You can just do your order in our web store and then pick up in the store on the Westermark in Tilburg. Select the Retrieve option at checkout. After placing the order, we will contact you when you can get the order.
  • Free local delivery : We will deliver your order personally in a radius of 15 kilometers around the store. When checkout you can choose local delivery if you are zip code within 15 kilometers of the Westermarkt. Your order will then be delivered for free!