Why buy 2nd hand clothing at Ecogenents?

Production in the clothing market has increased enormously in recent years. Our wardrobes are becoming fuller and often enough of items of clothing that have only been worn once (or sometimes never) during the garbage. No at all needed, because clothing is not meant to be considered as a disposable product.

That is why in our store we offer second -hand brand clothing and vintage clothing for men. Clothing that is almost like new and can therefore easily go to a new owner.

Buying second -hand clothing contributes to a better environment

Recycle 2nd hand clothing. More and more people are buying new clothing that they actually do not wear or hardly wear. At home they find out that it is not entirely their color or style, so that the article is then dismissed again. Especially when it comes to good quality clothing, it is a shame if something contributes extra to the waste mountain. Let's just be, we all produce enough waste.

By giving clothing a new chance, as we do in our store, we can contribute to improving the environment. For example, by buying one jeans second -hand you already save around 7500 liters of water. This is the quantity that otherwise cost the production of new jeans.

Then we are not even talking about the water that is used during the chemical paint process, because this is another 500 liters more. And during the same process, another large amount of drinking water is polluted. So you can see that even buying one item can make a huge difference.

You would almost wonder why you would buy new, right?

Buy designer clothing with a smaller budget

Do you think you can only go to the budget stores with your limited amount today? Branded clothing often has several advantages, because the quality is often higher and the fits are better. But yes, that also has a price tag. That is why you can also offer a real solution for your second -hand clothing.

At Ecogents we therefore sell clothing that is in very good condition and can really last for a while. Only for a completely different price tag than you come across in a new store. Now it suddenly becomes a lot easier to find good clothing that suits you and is also affordable.

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